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The Fabulous Lipitones at The Miracle Theatre of Prince George

This email just arrived in our inboxes from the producers of the first Canadian production:
Dear John and Mark,
Well, we got The Fabulous Lipitones open last night and we’re just delighted with the response!!
And you were right about the Sikh Community. They are very keen and supportive of the play. And helpful. I’ll give but one example. In our ignorance, we got the wrong kind of material for turban cloth. The right kind is not available in our town. In the … Continue reading →

The Fabulous Lipitones at The Colony Theatre

In its California premiere The Fabulous Lipitones by John Markus and Mark St. Germain sounds like a silly promo for an overrated sexual enhancement product and with its initially corny lines could easily fall into the category of ‘sitcom onstage’ comedy, but thank heavens it rises far above and beyond. Lipitones is a deliciously funny and substantially reflective take on what might happen if a traditional barbershop quartet inducted a culturally un…suitable replacement.
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Examiner Review of LA Production

Never before have I seen such perfection and expression of totally in sync synergy as flows in a tidal wave of laughter from the stage at the Colony Theatre in Burbank. The current show, The Fabulous Lipitones is simply peerless. To achieve that rare level requires the best from all involved; the writers, director cast and crew and it is all there in perfect harmony.
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